I understand that every project is different, and every writer requires a particular degree of work when polishing a piece. For those reasons, I offer a spectrum of editing services ranging from basic line editing to advanced development. Since there is no out-of-the-box product applicable to every need, pricing varies with the depth of service required–if plot, theme, characters, etc., are sufficiently developed, a thorough line edit will be lowest of the scale. Contact me here for a consultation.

In addition to creative and copy editing, I am extremely comfortable with academic writing advisement. Like the former, this service will range broadly based on your needs; however, I offer services for every step of the academic process, whether line editing or structure and thesis development. I have experience with every academic level as well, offering consultations for undergraduate work all the way to doctoral theses. Keep in mind, especially upper division academic work can be a lengthy and iterative process, so it may be the case that a project spans a significant period of time.

I welcome any questions or inquiries. Please contact me here.