Today in passing

Today in grains of dust To sweep, In empty chances Gone the way Of stopgap hopes And slipshod tries. Today in loitered hours And in pointless Chains of moments Passing, all the same Offhanded messes Left here for tomorrow’s Goals when yesterday’s Intentions seem as faded As the veils of evening Draped between these Breaking […]

Artless constellation

It’s broken light and bittered words and evening rendered innuendos, wisdoms in the shattered bulbs’ unbalanced sense of calm; it’s glass and shadow glints to graft an epitaph for afternoon in passive drifts of spoken verse, slipping into dusk these uttered edges sparked and haywire and quivering despite the cold; it’s sleepless swings of apathetic […]

Home in fall

I miss those days Of hushed mistakes And simple questions, Of tropes in store-bought Frames too high to reach, And I could call you home. It’s just another fall Of evenings setting Damp and steal, And I forget too Many autumn days In walnut-shell Bouquets and pencil Sketches of the brunette Leaves you drew beneath […]

Rose bloom sunset

And all the rose-bloom evening hung untempered as a consequence of unnamed seconds dredged and heaped, this momentary sapphire vindication framed in faded royal imprints still and mellow so persuading stones to rest. When instants mixed and aggregated bleed but for an ebbing glimpse of rust and ruby, when blue-note poems spoken in a silence […]

Storms unmaking

Something in the water smells Of unconcluded storms, Shapeless downpours Partly rained and sunken, And these broken clouds And loosely woven fogs Make promises and drift Away. Something in this cotton Sky, it scrapes the mountains Clean, its momentary Velvet makes a parody of Touch, and in its kiss The stolen shiver of An ocean […]

Spendthrift wishes

Visit me in likeness of an angel losing breaths, in figures of discolored dreams and spendthrift wishes young and senseless. Flood me green and greener still, this fabric image painted sage and sinking inch by inch, and your reflection in the falling boughs and pine bouquets is perfectly obscure. So as I walk this shore […]

Backlit windows

– The plate glass isn’t clear today But finished quite opaquely. These casements old and splintered Offer useless points of view. My taste for scratched and Wintered windows lessens as The light disturbs them. My case for making friends With aged and dripping panes Made brittle by the backlight Of a morning’s coming through. – […]