Little things

Just words to speak of worthless things and wisdoms gone awry, perfect tries and tall mistakes and catchall au revoirs. Just shadows painting rusted phrases gone before the sun’s relax and fragments of the afterthoughts and hackneyed works of men. Just little goods and priceless anger traced in fine-print read and voided, wounded prides and […]

Blackwater tide

Greet me where a ripple in the water falls away. Speak to me of simpler tides and times I won’t remember, of settled lines and Poems ended just as they were meant. Keep me there, for blacker water Whispers other names than yours. And I’ve already overheard the flood. And I’m not ready for your […]

Brickwork confidant

There’s no one here today To keep my secrets But the brickwork, And it’s become a bit More fissured while it Listens as of late, So maybe time has Passed for me to trust Its tacit sighs and Brittle confidence and Time has come to Take my lot And go. – #London #UK

Shuttered windows

I’ve had a feeling lately That the windows never open, That scratches in the Plate glass trace out patterns Made from patent tropes. And maybe it’s the winter Painting all its teardrop Landscapes, or the Platitudes of summer Told sarcastically in Golden hints to kiss These frozen transoms One more time before The rain sets […]

I never asked

I never asked for Sunday evening, For bruise-blue dusks and weekday Aims conceded to the simple course Of hours bloomed and swallowed. I never asked for twilight’s heavy Luxury to greet me Or the silvered kiss of minutes Slipping past in drops of rain. I never asked and never wondered If the chances would be […]

Petrichor myth

It’s getting pretty grey outside, The vacant gaze of overcast Refracted in the rythmic Intrigue of my window Slung with rain. It’s getting pretty empty, And I’m skeptical The roof will hold These long confusions Loosely sung in slipstream Shadows, making mud from Skies and lying out an Ashen myth of infinites. – #Matanuska #Alaska

Somedays frozen

– These are of the fleeting grounds and temporary reasons, of everafter errors in the piquent scent of cliffs eroding, semblances of stable places hinted at in water drips and comments of the prolix type beneath the sheens of ice. These are of the colder words and bluer blooms of open eyes awake to learn […]