Yesterday’s Prayer

When I was young, I prayed in church with all my classmates, the chorus of our little voices stringing through the wooden pews and rolling off the chapel walls like sweet but unintelligible music. I might’ve prayed for absolution, but didn’t know for what. I probably prayed for something that I wanted, some material desire […]

A wind for morning

The morning winds were ghosts for speaking, whispering through alleys of an ocean not far off, the vigor of a gale that pushed in water worlds away and with it some impression that I’d listened all along. I heard it cold and narrow in a word composed of vanished points, heard it crisp and fugitive […]

Those Rains

I remember days when rain would whip aslant in sheets across our craggy little trailer, isolated winds betrayed by sweeps across the leaky windows not unlike the swells that break through bulwarks of a ship. We’d sit around, my dad and I, and listen to it peen the corrugated roof, watching behind smeary glass as […]

Eyes like windows

Moss had clothed the shallow shelves and niches where incessent rain rest hidden from the sun, softening the harshly cast and cracking face of stone and iron. Beneath it, inorganic matter wept in trails etched by time and sunlight to put shadows on the edges where the water tends to run. It was morning, and […]

Aging reflection

Not far from here the traffic cuts erratically through silence thick and cool, parts it like a fog and leaves a hissing wake whose pitch increases just before it closes in. But here, here the quiet seems intrinsic to the water, elemental of the air that holds these heavy clouds and of the slowly falling […]

Sporadic evening

It was evening, and sporadic rainfall punctuated hours of balmy heat, like ellipses of an early autumn day, uncertain in the shift of dusk if summer would continue. The weather left a glassy polish on the street that hurried sharp across its pavement rapid shards of over-saturated red and yellow light, bright beneath the sagging […]

Molten days

Tell me the horizon cries with tears of auburn burning, rusted days decayed and molten copper sunsets bled and empty. Tell me evening comes disguised in blue to cool the seething mass of bedlam melting, silent to the viscous notes of flooding rose bouquets and flaxen smoke consumed. Hear me from the glass reflection braced […]