Choice of bikes

It was summer, and the heat rose up in glassy waves above the street in front of Tommy’s house. The field across from us was dry and golden, a heavy breeze betrayed in curls and tendrils moving through the arid grass, almost warning to abort our plan. – We had a choice of bicycles and […]

Landing gear

Heat came through the glass as if the rain outside was sultry. Golden light sheathed the tarmac, making puddles into mirrors of the coming day. I imagined trees on the horizon bloomed with steam, yawning cool night so as to take a deeper breath of warmer atmosphere. – Reality outside was much more crisp and […]

Stolen light

The night before she passed away, I took a run through Lexi’s neighborhood. It was summer, and the air fell heavy and oppressive from above the trees, the pale evening painting ashen grey the branches as they slumped beneath its heat. I’ve told this story several times before, but like the night itself, the memory […]


The first day, they taught me to grade and sort the boards. First by the number of knots, then by grain depth, then by plane truth. I thought the last should’ve been first. It was loud, and the ever present drone of saws and air compressors shuddered off of corrugated steel walls, numbed insignificantly by […]

Evening trigger

Somewhere close to here a child used to rest his elbows on the softened wood of an ancient tree stump, shooting rocks at the bottom of a deep ravine with his little rifle. Every so often, an elk would wander into his sights to drink from a mountain spring the boy couldn’t see trickling underneeth […]

The Salesmen

WORK WAS TO START at nine a.m. But it was my first day on the job, so I wanted to arrive early, to get a feel for the protocol. At eight a.m., when I opened the door to the sterile, signless office—suite two hundred three, amid a sprawling tract of dark bronze doors and windows—the […]

A Sermon

I’ve spent a lot of time in churches, trying to be quiet, listening to sermons that I didn’t understand, pretending to pray. I remember going through the prayers in my head as I moved my lips silently. I guess I might as well have said them. I never found much in those places, in those […]