Brakelight past

Traffic labored haltingly On pavement bathed In summer sun, Pent up there and idle Hemmed between a headlong Sprint held lifeless And this subsequence Of brakelight stains Like ranting pulses Saying stop but crushing Forward every fractioned inch, And miles to go. Miles of cut-short starts To stew beneath a stone July Whose end comes […]

Mud and apples

An orchard down the block Held mats of fog Beneath its apple trees, The volted fence excited In the burms around its edge, And we’d pick longer Blades of grass To make a show of nerves We found that day In cigarettes and cursing. But the apples, They just watched, And from the branches Filled […]

Summer weight

That night I ran, Not toward or away From anything, really, Through the summer Weighted air as blue And quiet as an ocean Under constellations Rendered like the city lights In rushes on the warped Narration of the bay Beneath me. Beneath me Gravel slipped, And into night, A park like all the rest, Whose […]

A Purview

I remember in the winter, once, a day just like the others, a morning cold that wrapped the walnut tree with halted dew drops waiting for the sun to free them. The sky was like the others’, too, heavy pearl and indistinct, and in the east, almost intangibly, a thinning bank of sallowed white expanded […]

Lovely morning

god I love those mornings stroked with cigarette romances, the filthy sage illusions throwing praise beneath fluorescents where a sunrise comes in wired white and grey to pay the frail walls attention. I live for the disheveled furrows filtering and sifting every thinning whisper of its oxygen to snub the pilot light, for cottled shrines […]

In the alleys

Sometimes all the buildings in a city catch the sun just right, filmy yellow sheets dissecting blocks so that each street is walled by gold. I slip between them as I walk, step into the shadow made by brick and steal that leans above–cold and clamped, and captive in a way I’ve never minded–then back […]

Losing site

A line that carried out of site an evening on the wax extended just to where the sky was tinted ochre. From where I stood, the traffic made a thinning rank of single file embers lurching one by one, quitting demurely at the cresting landscape as if slipping off the world’s edge. And I’d have […]