Autumn had a tattoo of a raindrop on her cheek. It seemed to fall from summer in the open blue her eyes reflected setting underneath the tresses of her flaxen hair. Her sighs were threaded smoke to sew her evanescent words behind, her ashen-tinted whispers playing Judas to a burdened thought, and walking by the […]

Pity made a sunset

Pity fell a ruby-gold In shelves to where The water climbed Diluted by the silt Back down the jetty Where it sank. Stilted by the ivory towers Drifting insincerely On the indigo, The crimson cut an edge In where they hanged. Navy carried malice In the chalky rant The waves would crack, And ravenous was […]

Subtle hours

Those low hours, too. Those dusty constellations And clandestine little accidents To pass for moment dragging. Subtle, also. Subtle pitched they cast Beneath a lampshade insight Swinging lightbulb pendulums To match routine eclipses. And the thing is this, The moments seem so Apathetic nowadays That hours play like ocean tides And secrets morning plans to […]

A Purview

I remember in the winter, once, a day just like the others, a morning cold that wrapped the walnut tree with halted dew drops waiting for the sun to free them. The sky was like the others’, too, heavy pearl and indistinct, and in the east, almost intangibly, a thinning bank of sallowed white expanded […]


Another wrong turn willed to take. Another safe-kept shadow made For brickwork undertakings Of the simplest path I know. And all in for the intrigue And another route to double down, Some painted-over passage And the onus to put straight The unsound travels Trailing fast behind To map the labored go. Another weakly rendered view […]

Cuts and scars

You could’ve told me It was insincere, Was petty and was passing And would cut too terse, Like all the scores Across the mirror never added Up until the one that broke it. Well grease the wheel again, And it’s another pass to take With straighter squares than what We’d had before, Because I’d not’ve […]


Still for grains of dusk to rest. Still for sleepless revolutions And for hedging bets In just another misled Curtain call, But I’ll keep dreaming. And still the pollen sky to blind A cliched revolution paints In ruby-gold the closing Wherein days make pains to bleed, So still as to be mutiny For interest paid […]