Coffee stains

Some find their solace in means and escapes. Some find escaping their means gives them solace enough– His wife had golden hair that framed her face with swollen coils on Sundays when she prayed at church. Her jewelry stole the flames from candles on the alter, sharpened it on diamond facets and cast it back […]

Maury’s pitch

Above him, windows punched in columns of cement reflected gloomy skies and cables pouring voltage into offices of people trapped like mice. Maury wondered at the camber of the buildings as he walked, how they didn’t topple in the slightest quake. His interview began at 9, but he was early, so he searched their daunting […]

Deloris’s prayers

Hours passed, afternoon retreating making evening shadows on the walls of the cathedral where she prayed, and Deloris watched the crucifix. Fissures in the marble columns veined toward the ceiling where the frescoes painted long ago were thin and tired. Tapestries that hung since she was young, thick with dust, muffled sounds of traffic in […]

Calypso’s altar

He had a dashboard Jesus who he named Calypso, and he doodled lines in ballpoint pen between the pleats of Calypso’s robe while he sat in traffic. He prayed that the cars in front of him would move, that the seemingly endless line of taillights and blinkers drawing to a point somewhere near his exit […]

Walter’s ride

It was a neighborhood whose third story windows watched over children riding bikes that cost a month of paychecks. Every tree had flowers or fruit. “Apples?” Walter wondered. “Probably. They always have apple trees.” All the cars were either black or white, all of them imported. Not a single rotten board of siding. Not a […]

Opinionated suggestions

The clock turned to the candlestick one night and said: “The trick is passively reminding them they’ll only last a moment, surreptitiously insinuating that I haven’t moved by moving slowly so that they won’t notice til an hour’s passed, or maybe more. It’s just too much intensity, your incessant conflagration. It’s far too loud a […]


Early in the morning underneath low-hanging clouds, wind pressing through canals and onto streets to goad the waking people to their jobs, I idled in black coffee steam for some insinuation that the sun would rise, some subtle hint beyond the hooded sky that warmer breezes might be waiting. – Condensation on the streets made […]