Autumn had a tattoo of a raindrop on her cheek. It seemed to fall from summer in the open blue her eyes reflected setting underneath the tresses of her flaxen hair. Her sighs were threaded smoke to sew her evanescent words behind, her ashen-tinted whispers playing Judas to a burdened thought, and walking by the […]


Her name was Melancholy, and her hair was strong like rainy days, straightly hung and adament, a frame for cobalt eyes whose narrow pupils knew those worried things of beauty and of angst. She went out in the evenings so the shadows played in high relief along the street before the lamps would burn, charcoal […]

Overcast assumption

Beneath an overcast and murky gaze her unaccountably cybernetic machinations weighed and summed, like so much currency, the finer points of his every imperceptible movement, measured his intention so precisely as to render naught his will through sheer prediction til he had no choice but carry out exactly as she’d known he would. Fooled by […]

Mornings with Oran

Oran woke up Monday morning blurred, his eyes parched and struggling in the odd kinetic light to read the time. 5:00am. 33 years’ experience told him that a morning shouldn’t be so bright just yet, that it should be blue and dimmer, seasoned by the moonlight yarning still through the trees and holding fast to […]

Ethan’s king

His skin was layered thick with morter dried and crusted, lime embedded scrapes and cuts so when he stretched his palms the pain would sharply bite an instant, then wash dull and pulsing through his tired forearms to his chest and settle in has back where it would stay. He felt it like a liquid […]

Harper’s visit

Harper hung in cemeteries, where he rarely made a sound except the bending grass beneath his feet as he meandered between epitaphs. Each evening he would meet with ghosts who spoke to him from pearls of dew that perished in the dirt before he learnt their names. – April stayed out late as well but […]

Coffee stains

Some find their solace in means and escapes. Some find escaping their means gives them solace enough– His wife had golden hair that framed her face with swollen coils on Sundays when she prayed at church. Her jewelry stole the flames from candles on the alter, sharpened it on diamond facets and cast it back […]