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Often I find religion and spirituality conspicuously on my thoughts, and therefore also in my writing. Maybe it’s that much of my life was spent learning of, and from within, its purview. Maybe it’s that after all these years I question so persistently the institutions and the people ultimately responsible for framing much of its […]


Agency is such a dubious concept. — You have to climb these stairs knowing that you cannot turn around, knowing that once you start the only way back down is from the top. The passage here is cramped and steep and doubles back with what seems unreasonable frequency, constantly showing just how little progress you’ve […]

Places of Worship: The New Religious Environment

Fewer and fewer aspects of analog life remain without a digital referent. As cyber-technology flourishes, much of humankind seems enthusiastic to adopt new media for purposes both mundane and extraordinary—from grocery shopping to discovering love. The internet has become a channel for fulfilling (or, at least, discussing) nearly every human need, and, among them, religion […]