Yesterday’s Prayer

When I was young, I prayed in church with all my classmates, the chorus of our little voices stringing through the wooden pews and rolling off the chapel walls like sweet but unintelligible music. I might’ve prayed for absolution, but didn’t know for what. I probably prayed for something that I wanted, some material desire […]

Losing heart

What am I but far removed? What am I but losing heart And loosely mended injuries And garden after garden blooms Of withered words to grow; Some unconvincing sense the Bruises fade like weather changes, But it rains in hues of stale wounds Too deeply blue and bleeding still, And still the furrows fill with […]

From here

A wish to take the glass for granted, To pass my trust through window-panes And let alone the weather, For I know it’s colder outside Than the view from here suggests. A hope in keeping clear This perfect scene of how I see it all, In easy little parcels portioned out So I can take […]

A wind for morning

The morning winds were ghosts for speaking, whispering through alleys of an ocean not far off, the vigor of a gale that pushed in water worlds away and with it some impression that I’d listened all along. I heard it cold and narrow in a word composed of vanished points, heard it crisp and fugitive […]

Sunday valley

A Sunday for the valleys, too. An undertone in winter fabrics Hung upon a week gone by To capture what it meant to Be apart. The one-day recollections strung Today in threads irresolute To come and go, so only Afterthoughts for frameworks And eroding inclinations of An anger quelled and useless Linger here, Suspended torrents […]

Red lights

I’m not inclined toward another road to cross today. And yes it’s nihilistic, but I’ve been a block or two, so I’ll just sit here idle, waiting, because I know the light will change. – #Vancouver #WA


To be upon a sojourn in the cold of morning now, to listen for a sager word and speak of only silence as the memories relax and fall in emerald drops of rain. To ebb again and slake the thirsty blades of grass I walk across for fresher days than last and ask, because I’m […]