Thank you for your interest in My name is William Erickson, writer, student, tradesman, amateur photographer. I study digital technology at WSUV, with a minor in English and a focus on science and tech writing. I’ve been writing for over 15 years, and my published work has earned 1st place in the Gallahan Award for Creative Nonfiction as well as regional competitions in the NorthWest.

My specialty is content writing, but I offer editing as well as fiction and nonfiction advising. If you’re an author, and you need an editor, I’m meticulous and well-rounded. My rates are generally determined on a case by case basis, so do contact me for a consultation. Remote work and local, in-person editing are preferred.

In addition, this site serves as my blog for creative expression. I post short, often impromptu work regularly on Instagram, where I combine my love for traveling, photography, and writing in all its modalities. Please follow @Obelenous for my free verse poetry and photography. Above all, the world is an amazing place, and I find endless satisfaction in exploring and understanding my place in it. All photography is original, taken and edited by myself.

Longer works will show up from time to time, as time allows. I am an avid memoirist, focusing much on my adolescent years and the universal struggles of a middle-class kid unsure exactly who he is or where he’s going. I also dip a toe into fiction and flash-fiction writing on occasion,

Again, thank you for visiting this space of mine.