Don’t worry for me, please.
I’ve done enough of that myself,
And I’m okay here
In this little room
Forgetting how it used to be

I’ve got myself a window
To catch flickers of the days
We had, something far off now,
But I remember just enough.

And often when the breezes
Sigh through branches
Of the tree outside, and sunlight
On the grass makes patches warm,
I wonder if it’s you, and I suppose
It’s not, but that’s alright.

And I suppose as well I’m thankful,
In a way, for how it’s all worked out,
Left to watch this landscape grow
And shrink, and grow back green again,
Its dying somehow dreamlike
From behind my picture window
So the greying season’s rain
Is but a painting.

And I suppose that’s what
It’s always been, a picture of the days
To look through one after the other
Without changing much at all
Except the lightbulbs.

So don’t worry for me, please,
Because I think, perhaps,
There isn’t much to worry for,
As long as I’m inside
My little room so warm
And just the way you left me,
Looking out and wondering
At breezes that I see.

#Melbourne #Australia

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