Show me where the river is.
Explain the way it turns
And why I’ve followed
At its shore so shallow
Thinking that we had
A place to go.

Show me finding pebbles
Shaped like hearts
By time and unconcern
Reflecting parted images
That sink beneath the water’s
Rinkled shell but stay afloat
Enough to see,
Enough to speculate how cold
Those eyes that could be mine
Below the skin of passing
Waves have gotten,
A touch away from breathing,
And the sun just slips
The surface shivered light
And useless heat a step away.

Show me to the edge
Where drowning lashes
At my feet and where I see
You so indifferently and cut
Across the knifing peaks
Of blue-cold change and fallen,
Falling to an empty
Limit tracing where perhaps
I ought to be,
Slipping in your place
A shuddered promise
Of our moments painted fleeting
And delusive as its turns.

Show me why the river is
And leads me to an end
Somewhere that daytime
Makes a point of always fading.

#LavaCanyon #Washington

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