To those of you who enjoy my work on a fairly regular basis: tomorrow marks the beginning of what I foresee to be an onslaught of industriousness and productivity in a sphere of my life generally unfriendly to the sort of spaces conducive to making poetry. As such, my regular posts are likely to become increasingly irregular. Please bear with me. There’s a capriciousness to these online communities that I understand well, but do bear with me. All these musings and contemplations and forlorn memories are my release, and I’ll need them more than ever in the coming months; they’ll just be a little fewer and a little farther in between.

Every once in a while things get serious, and every once in a while you have to fix your eyes on the sunset even while the landscape that you’re passing is a lovely one.

Thanks to you all for having patience. You’ll hear from me, to be sure, just not so often as has been the trend.

#LavaCanyon #Washington

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