You can come by
Any time you like.
And maybe,
If the weather’s fine,
We’ll find a spot outside,
A softer patch of grass
Where sunlight separates
The leaves of some
Complacent branches
Stirring listlessly.
We’ll talk about remembered things
And places that we’d like to go
Til moonlight hides the details
Of our waning conversations.

It’s pointless, like the evening
Round and heavy now upon us,
But I’ll tell you of a dream I had
And you had not been there.

The stars would act
Surprised above,
And somewhere
In the neighborhood
An echo’d wander off
So maybe, if we’re quiet,
We could hear.

I’d hope you’d never leave,
But soon you would.

And in the grass
Would play those shadows
Of a time we might’ve had,
Though it’s too hard to tell,
Sometimes, how real
It’s ever been.

#Melbourne #Australia

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