I’ve tried to find
Your silence tender,
Tried to apprehend
Some great ambition
In the needful passages
I only ever presuppose you’d say.
But you never say a thing
These days,
And I’ve been thinking
It’s for naught,
But I’m not ready to surrender
You to memory just yet,
Not reconciled to passing
Hours suffocated one by one
While everyone but you…

And it’s so dissonant,
Their voices rampant,
Speaking memoirs of the days
We take for granted.
So I listen for the stories
That you left, but I’m left
For I’ve heard them all before,
And every word is utter
Hope that I’ll find something
Novel in the old times,
But I don’t.

I’ve tried to find the silence tender
But I’m remembering your voice
So awfully clear.

#Portland #Oregon

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