I am not fragile.
I wear my words
Like scars to show
The violence hasn’t cut me,
And I write away the malice
Riding prized from angry voices
Making orders of the day
In breaking news
Of fear and agitation,
Screaming yesterday was better
And so break today,
For greatness is possessing
Rage and isolating ignorance
To extricate
The pleasures of unknowing.

Well, I am not fragile.
I am empty knowledge
Rolling boulders up
This precipice to watch
Them level as they fall again
The faulty sense of difference
That cacophony maintains.

I am not fragile
Because voices fill me
Always with the duty
To make strength from pain
And suffer ignorance
With patience like I’m waiting
For the dam to break.

And damnit I’m not fragile,
So I’m standing
With the strong ones
At the gates of all malignity
Just waiting for the flood.

#HatcherPass #Alaska

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