Saturday optics

Saturday, my rose-view friend, How shortlived And how poorly played, Your morning strung up Genteel on the dogwoods, Shading promises in modest sighs And sophomoric lucency To sway the weekday branches All to sleep. You’ve made a game too many Of the idle hours and holidays To suffer me another time Your doctrine painted sunlit […]

Mud and apples

An orchard down the block Held mats of fog Beneath its apple trees, The volted fence excited In the burms around its edge, And we’d pick longer Blades of grass To make a show of nerves We found that day In cigarettes and cursing. But the apples, They just watched, And from the branches Filled […]

Living room

There’s a window In my living room That I can’t open, A picture window Old and worn Who renders through Distorted panes A perfect sense Escape is what I’ve wanted all along. I sit up late And watch withdrawing Taillights limn Their careless ways Across the plate And vanish, Streaks in glass That linger For […]

Water’s Edge

I cried for sunset On a Friday At the water’s edge. It went so quickly And the sand, so cold, Just ceded to the ocean Where another day Lay dying. I cried, and in the wind My tears said nothing For the waves that turned, For flushes grasping Hopeless at the scale Of every blood-red […]


I could photograph the rusted leaves and print them black and white. I could take them from the concrete where the trees have let them drop and in achromic reimagine that their fall had never happened, and in shadow hung up on my wall they’d always be alright. I could paper down the wind and […]


A carved and painted Simon Held the cross, And took the whip as well, His body there in bas-relief A doubled acolyte Whose lacquered blood betrayed A woodgrain flesh beneath it, A blue-eyed boy to watch His jejune sacrifice, Just like the year before. His cowlick scattered rays To hold coronas, And his backpack In […]

Summer weight

That night I ran, Not toward or away From anything, really, Through the summer Weighted air as blue And quiet as an ocean Under constellations Rendered like the city lights In rushes on the warped Narration of the bay Beneath me. Beneath me Gravel slipped, And into night, A park like all the rest, Whose […]