Traces of a Friend

October sunk the grass Enough to tell us Where the caskets set. The ones who hadn’t stones, So only in the heavy rains Could they be paid respect, Their limits traced in ruts To map the cemetery plaid. We’d give them names And cigarette butts at lunchtime. Mud made pains to keep us then, Begging […]

Plum eulogy

A eulogy for little plums That rot away uneaten There beneath the violet Leaves I used to pull When I would climb. Or maybe they were cherries; How the memories Lose pigment When the poisoned days Between them branch So convoluted. The contour of a tennis shoe To pulp them in the sodden Grass. The […]


Saturdays we launch Our tinny boat in nearby water, The outboard burning oil Until it finds its stroke. My father lights a cigarette Whose smoke will cord across his face And scatter into nothing As he throttles. Somehow, physics lift the bough, But can’t quite hold the weight. My hand to sift the greenish mist […]

Above the wainscott

It’s old florescent friends Whose shifty glares And distant sibilance Convinces me the mornings here Are better seen below them, Below their too-white halos Where the coffee drips Are lost in sums of Camel ash, And Pall Mall embers whisper Emptied words in nervous strands Until the feeling spreads, The seductive passion Of a cancer […]

33rd Market

The market on 33rd In the evening was the easiest. A couple extra dollars And the dark eyed clerk Could misread my I.D. Friday. Saturday. An unlit parking lot And bottle caps for breakbeats Echoing until a window blind Would split. Lifted slabs of sidewalk Over shallow tree roots, But no tripping hazard here. The […]


Autumn had a tattoo of a raindrop on her cheek. It seemed to fall from summer in the open blue her eyes reflected setting underneath the tresses of her flaxen hair. Her sighs were threaded smoke to sew her evanescent words behind, her ashen-tinted whispers playing Judas to a burdened thought, and walking by the […]

Pity made a sunset

Pity fell a ruby-gold In shelves to where The water climbed Diluted by the silt Back down the jetty Where it sank. Stilted by the ivory towers Drifting insincerely On the indigo, The crimson cut an edge In where they hanged. Navy carried malice In the chalky rant The waves would crack, And ravenous was […]