Her name was Melancholy, and her hair was strong like rainy days, straightly hung and adament, a frame for cobalt eyes whose narrow pupils knew those worried things of beauty and of angst. She went out in the evenings so the shadows played in high relief along the street before the lamps would burn, charcoal […]

In the alleys

Sometimes all the buildings in a city catch the sun just right, filmy yellow sheets dissecting blocks so that each street is walled by gold. I slip between them as I walk, step into the shadow made by brick and steal that leans above–cold and clamped, and captive in a way I’ve never minded–then back […]

With the cobbles

He sat among the cobbles and the litter at the river’s edge, consumed by all his problems as the water lapped and folded like some melancholic correlate reflective of the uniform continuance with which he’d spent his days. Swinging back and forth his feet to break the peaks of water and let whitecaps wash away […]

Silver Skin

Bleak as all the moments strung together seem to me. Alone to pull the seams apart and stitch a patchwork future of the ragged little scraps that fall from where your breath should be. Silver for the eyes I watched give way to dusk for daylight; for warmth I’ll purl the grey from fall to […]

Losing site

A line that carried out of site an evening on the wax extended just to where the sky was tinted ochre. From where I stood, the traffic made a thinning rank of single file embers lurching one by one, quitting demurely at the cresting landscape as if slipping off the world’s edge. And I’d have […]


Tomorrow I’ll be green again. Tomorrow I’m the one who takes the fall To figure out the convoluted ways In which the jade perverts my skin Today is all awash in misdirected emphases, In biased streams of sage To burn like pictures in the sink, And it’s today that begs the question Whether rising to […]

A River Thames

An evening slowly set to laying blue across the city. I was walking all alone, and in the growing shade the sounds of traffic mingled with the bated hum that fell like vapor down from building’s tops where heaters swallowed air and belched exhaust. Memories of nights at home, of how the moonlight dampens noise […]