Just a place along the road
To stop and rest a moment,
To quiet all the mile-markers
Seared across this window,
And to listen as the sun makes
Mention through the bluing
Dusk of what I must’ve missed
In such a hurry as I passed,
A place for placing silences
In makeshift rafts to sail away
And find again a hint of calm
I used to think mislaid.

Just a place for falling once
To catch my breath in breaths
Of grass, in ocean water brought
By tides whose time is not so
Pressed, and making time
For better usages before
The dusk sets in,
A vestige of the way a spring
Spoke whispers in cerulean
To coax a flower’s waking
Just for me to understand.

But though I wished to stay,
I must take leave
And let the ripples be,
For other travellers need
As much as I to watch the
Water pull a flash of sun aside
And talk a sunrise out of evening.

#CoopersLanding #Ak

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