Apropos a flame

An evening for the flames to catch, A simple interruption in the endless Fall of hour after hour laid aside, And just this moment left to flash for Shadowed names and wintered faces In some golden hint of silence Plucked from words that Spoke too soon. – #Vancouver #WA Advertisements

Always for the rain

Always for the fickle days. Always for the drops of rain who fall too indiscreetly just to feed the shallow roots and lead these withered blooms away. All of me for artistry in foul weather breaking and for alms to seek in ripple after ripple taking time too lightly, so the flowers wait. Always for […]

A river

Another day for us, my friend; The one that we’d envisioned Didn’t turn out quite as planned, A vague reflection glassed behind This dusty little window to Display in no uncertain terms The turns we never had. Another time to say hello. Another close goodbye. Another lovely promise, and It’s muddy water slipping past To […]

Friday too

Friday for a paradox. Friday for a makeshift plot To lay in graves the self-made men, A sense to make of afterthoughts Gone way of all successes, And the epitaph plays on repeat For weekday wolves to chase. Friday, and the irony’s A bit more deeply seeded. But the days are made in End rhymes […]


I wrote a poem for tomorrow In the balance of today, Hung it where the evening makes An accident of gold and green, But it just seems my words Collapsed beneath the blue When morning came. – #Melbourne #Australia

Day by day

Just upon a thread of smoke To rise a bit and fade, Too subtle in a moment’s Lapse to speak but evanescent Names, and drip by drip The candle grows a little Less familiar, Day by day to sit beneath Your shadows as they wane. – #Paris #France

The roads we travel

Always on the road, but never there. All these mileposts just questions argued thinly in the dissipating traces turn by turn I leave behind, the graceful change of fog and mist a fading constellation, and the chances passing faithfully like waypoints in the mirror, so I watch them drawn and distant. Always just an instant […]