Today in grains of dust
To sweep,
In empty chances
Gone the way
Of stopgap hopes
And slipshod tries.

Today in loitered hours
And in pointless
Chains of moments
Passing, all the same
Offhanded messes
Left here for tomorrow’s
Goals when yesterday’s
Intentions seem as faded
As the veils of evening
Draped between these
Breaking clouds.

Today in empty parking lots
And harder bits of candle wax,
In puddle-blue reflections
Rippled lazily by flagging storms.

Today in stale bouquets
And secondhand good-mornings,
In afternoons of patchwork weather
Waiting for the rain to quit,
Waiting for the dewdrop cool
To tell me it’s another day
I promised not to waste.

Today in unremembered things
And names with vacant faces.

Today in smoke that trails
Too high to find a flame.

#London #UK

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