Cerulean Dusk

To borrow from the Fog and mist Another settled word, To speak of days In weather veins And tenuous horizons, Line by line on Lapis tides a Waning verse in Version after version Blue and distant, The curls of some Inherent poem breaking Whitecaps like a promise And the offing only Draws away to paint […]

I Tell Myself The Glass is Clear

I tell myself this sum is Just the grains of dust I’ve drawn before, The ashes and Extinguished days Inhaled and spent In habit. I sell myself a notion that This pressure is but Brittle and the shadow in It’s mirror’s cast the face Of someone close. I bring myself to thinking All this weight […]

All of me

All of me in idle skies. All of me in paling conversation and reclaimed goodbyes, and all of me in bartering exhausted storms for one more drop of rain to fall. All of me in vacancies, in caving to the baseless clouds and taking more for granted than the weather had to give. All of […]

Coherent things

But a thread of morning’s Barely entertained Impressions read in Tenuous examples of Some pattern to the days, The accidents of fog and Fall that fashion these coherent Things in tangents Of a dogwood bloom And still lifes painted Amethyst by space Between the rains. – #Washington #PNW

Passing Smile

Summaries of well-made days in Carat-metal cuts, In better understandings Of these passing smiles and Graceful traumas washed And coated gold. Some perfect sense that Sunset was your name And that your beauty Lie in fading. – #CoopersLanding #Alaska

Those Rains

I remember days when rain would whip aslant in sheets across our craggy little trailer, isolated winds betrayed by sweeps across the leaky windows not unlike the swells that break through bulwarks of a ship. We’d sit around, my dad and I, and listen to it peen the corrugated roof, watching behind smeary glass as […]

Up here

I place my faith in open space, my hope in lofty heights. I trust in sunsets hung with oversaturated aspirations, coated blue ideals suffused in ocean tints and tonal winds that sift through domes of mist disclosing rifts that hold some light. And maybe my adjacence to the breaking clouds is overwrought and only but […]