I could be a foreign memory
Of someone never met,
A borrowed phrase among
The many in this temporary
Script of passing instants
Hung where sunsets break
And sink.

I could be the listless voice
Of unremembered songs and
Choruses of ordinary wishes
Kissed away,
Of hours reproduced in minute
Rounds and finite sentiments
And left with all this withered
Verse unheard to dry and set.

I could be the one below
In protest for another breath,
The cresting waves a weight too
Onerous to bear and so I breathe this
Blue-grey bedlem and regret
The respite that it gives

I could be that red-trimmed edge
That cleaves today and that indifferent
Gleam of shade behind it playing esoteric
Parodies of days in tides approaching,
Lonely streaks of chance receding in the
Lacerated moments thrown to
Saline water perfectly attuned to
Clean away the wasted time.

I could be the one
But for a turn,
So easy as a closing day.

#LongBeach #WA

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