I’ll make them mine to carry,
All the burdens and the
Weight you suffer to forget.

I’ll remember all the bitterness
And dredge the hurt so that
Your passage is forgiving,
And I’ll walk ahead to take
The thistles and the thorns
That overgrow the road to come.

I’ll cut away the roots and
Clear the stones beyond you,
And the memories they harbor
I will pack away because the
Way is getting steeper and the air
Too thin and cold and every
Mile behind us bears your heavy
Footprint, so it’s I who must now
Shoulder all the hindsights and regrets,
Sweep away the fallen leaves,
The echoes of a sunrise in decaying gold
And auburn epitaphs of warmer days
Decided when the trees were green.

I only hope you’ll walk beside me still,
For I cannot hide away this weighted load,
And I’m afraid we’ve still a way to walk
Before the trail ends.

#Matanuska #Alaska

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