To be above the shade of mountains where a cloud is close enough to touch and just a glimpse explains the breadth beyond me in a way a word ought not to try, where valleys yawn below me cool and silent so to swallow all the noise I’ve ever made and utter breaths in mists of blue to feed the skies for days when sunset takes its time; to be a grain of dust ablated from an instant never noticed, drifting in a glance of light across a cliff that has no use for counting years, a pebble in a landslide tumbling soundless til I’m still and waiting, waiting for the earth to push this peak a little higher and I’ll slip along its face again but not a soul will hear because up here my words are silent; to be a walker on this path where all my steps, and all of those who’ve walked before me, are a flash reflected on the cusp of what’s eternal is to only just posses a fleeting dream of what, perhaps, it’s like to live.

#IndependenceMine #Alaska

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