Sunrise shadows

I know a warmer shadow cast in hours’ passing aspirations, borne of hopeful dawns and scattered in the floral traces of a garden planted long before. I know a subtle darkness in the grace of daylight falling and a voice whose name is evening speaking in the sun that breaks as morning through the trees. […]

To evanesce

To be a thread between The mountains lost and Wandering. To slip through valleys Voiceless on the blue Of evening Moving Under veils of moonlight Tenuously clung. To pay a dept for morning With a sigh of rain and let The forest drink before The heat of day. To linger cool and distant, Silent to […]

Aging reflection

Not far from here the traffic cuts erratically through silence thick and cool, parts it like a fog and leaves a hissing wake whose pitch increases just before it closes in. But here, here the quiet seems intrinsic to the water, elemental of the air that holds these heavy clouds and of the slowly falling […]

Deeper still

Below it all and falling still, Watching in the I-beams From an asphalt seam the mock Impressions of a sunrise in Descent between the mirrored Guise of steel and iron leaning. And it seems a bit long-winded, This cacophony of narrow spaces, But I’m buried and I’m breathless And I take the angst for pleasure […]

Idle place

I still recal a place of idle moments, Where silence rests in cracks of Settled redbrick walls and where The marble grain and candle wax Commit to mind an hour’s lapse In veins of listless day’s decisions, Where quilted dust is swept in Tides beneath the pendulum’s Assertions and the song between A clock-tick borrows […]


Something in the way the clouds are breaking, Something understood to be a promised ray of light, Something in a puzzle disassembled by a gust of wind Suggests to me the simplest things in scents of River water mimicking the evening of a day without A drop of rain to dream of while I sleep […]

Toward the rain

Point me toward the rain today, Where streets are glazed and Glassy and where cables quiver Overhead beneath the careworn Stitches of opaquely quilted skies. Show me vague reflections in the Storm drains overflowing of the Moment when a cloud takes Solace in the tears it falls, In brief concentric ripples Coalescing at my feet […]