If there’s a spare reflection
Spread across these broken
Waves intact,
A memory uninjured
In the hollow cleft
Of crests and whitecaps
Breaking and collapsing
So to counterfeit the hours’
Work by sinking moment
After moment echoes
Slipping on this thin veneer,
Then let me take it,
For I recall too coldly
Only fractures
On a surface split
Like mirrors
Broken and distorted,
Histories of names
Above the water struggling,
And the weight of stories
Telling how they drown
While I forget them in
The distance laid
Below me,
The crowded space between
This instant and another
Where the clouds opaque
The outcomes of their rain
And if I try too hard to piece
An image out of
Glimpses in between them
All that I remember is
How fast I’m really falling.

#Airborn #Altitude

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