I wish that I could implement a richer means of thinking, more intrinsically linguistic so the gist of my opinions didn’t get so mistranslated in metastasis from rationing to execution, a method better-suited to a graspable vocabulary, or perhaps a less abstracted union of the usages and phrases I’m so used to convoluting as I brace to make the arguments that even I sometimes can hardly apprehend; at the very least, for reasons clearly plain, a not-so-rarely reasoned diction or a dictum given less to such an unabated penchant for relating the sense-datum I’m inclined to keep in mind at any given instant–more explicit, surely, but not abridged in any unrestricted sense that makes simplistic my intense and otherwise mosaic postulations so in retrospect I’d wished for words a bit more cryptic to relate the frame of mind I’m in right now–a crisp, but never pithy, procurable, but not too much, precise and unimpeachable portrayal of a concept unavailable to those without an ear for such prodigious words. A Picture? Possibly.

#London #UK #England

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