Dare I say the air is scarce enough to make me leap from here, where clearly at this height the slightest slip I won’t survive? If I could only breathe I wouldn’t bear this dire imperative to cast the lack of atmosphere aside and take the dive.

Despite the peril of the fall it’s not at all the flight that scares me, after all I’ve not forever here where pressure drives me toward the brink. It’s just I think that pressure is the impetus that animates my need to be resistant to the air up here suggesting as it thins that I’ll breathe deeper if I sink.

I’m aware that I’m the heir-apparent to a pair of lungs astute enough to execute a breath when space is lank. And so, defiant of the tighter climates in this place I’ve climbed, I’ll put on airs that I’m aspiring fine as ever on the edges of this precipice, ostensibly inspired by the breadth of breaths already sank.

#melbourne #australia

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