Sometimes I reach too deeply
In the water for a drink,
Lose sight of where my fingers grasp
And misconstrue the current passing
For a snake, so I take my hand back
Too quickly and I never quench my thirst.

Sometimes I drive beyond the crown,
That unfixed point where pavement
Scrapes the sky and past which I
Extrapolate the curves and hazards,
And though I know the road continues
Arrow straight, the turns are tighter
Out of sight, and so I brake and stop.

Sometimes I brace for raging weather
When the wind is gentle.
Sometimes I see a cloud adrift alone in
Seas of blue and deem the better season
Gone despite the time of year.
Sometimes I dress for rain on mornings
Clear and pleasant, never leave the house
But wait behind the window concentrating
On a patch of sky where I’ve decided that
The storm will have its way.

Sometimes I watch a sunset in the east,
And I wonder where the days have gone.

#SnakeRiver #Clarkston #Washington

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