Above a sea

If there’s a spare reflection Spread across these broken Waves intact, A memory uninjured In the hollow cleft Of crests and whitecaps Breaking and collapsing So to counterfeit the hours’ Work by sinking moment After moment echoes Slipping on this thin veneer, Then let me take it, For I recall too coldly Only fractures On […]

Dry garden

Maybe when the clouds return they’ll see I’ve paved it over. Maybe when they fold and break and find the garden gone they’ll choke the rain. Maybe I’ll go thirsty in these streets without a rose to water but electric blooms and ivy vines to fruit an amperage humming cold in a mirage translucence coiling […]

Leaching stones

Let me leach the color from these bricks and stones to paint my ghosts indifferent. Let me take their pale regard for yesterday and trace it over every morning blue and dripping, burning golden red in moments out of darkness, for the lucency of skies exposed is piercing and it’s just too clear and fresh […]


All I have to give you Are delinquent words And moments of regret, Perfected myths in Pictures drawn by Ripples on the surface Who betray mistaken Judgments of the depth To which my errors run. – All I have to breathe Is water cool and grey And muddied with Allusion to a misplaced Struggle for […]

Up here

The winds were emphatic here, but still I had to listen close to where they bent the stems of wildflowers, where they swept against the cliffs to make the dust that vaneered my windshield, just to hear what they were saying. The air was cold for spring, the sky a little greyer than I thought […]

Find me color

Come with me to find a place Where days approach like tides In slow, expected swells Of pale and iridescent turn, Where oceans up above us Stretch and whitecaps cresting Break and shed a mist of petrichor To scent a slate horizon with magenta Hues and then evaporate To leave the skyline bleeding, Where fields […]

I was quiet

I almost spoke today, I almost made some sensinsible assertion but the words escaped and I could only trace the momentary scent of failing phrases as it trailed an exhalation pardoned from the participles it’d moored, parts of arguments unraveled so their antecedents had no introduction and the point of what I’d hoped to say […]