I had a thought occur,
Just a brief encounter with a memory, or perhaps some speculation, a specter in the window of a building in periphery aware just barely of a presence in the single drop of rain from clouds above of the variety that thin and disappear before the liquid they precipitate can even hint at hitting ground. An instant passed. A fugative perception of the sort purloined from distant rifts where rivers carve out canyons so the wind can pick up speed. A hurried whisper to disturb the stable workings of my logic and effect some sort of evanescent worry that what touched my thoughts so fleetingly was something consequential. Yet no amount of concentration propagated any major observation of this thought that passed me by. And just I had given up the effort to illucidate this ad hoc inkling irking me I understood at last that what it was I recollected simply hadn’t yet occurred.

#BigBen #London

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