Tell me that the tide misspoke.
Tell me that it doesn’t know
The name I thought I heard.
Tell me as it overtakes the sand
Beneath my feet that it’s not
Conscious of the keepsakes buried there.

Bring me consolation in the
Vagueness of its whisper.
Let me wash away a burden
In the indistinction of its verse
Reciting line for line the names
In sands eroded from a shore I walked,
Grain by grain displaced among the
Waves escaping somewhere that I
Cannot see but nonetheless
Someday will travel to as well,
Familiar with the face of everyone
Forgotten and remembered,
Yet indifferent to the weight of pain
That weds them to the ones like me
Who stand upon the coast and hear
But one name sung in every
Saline wave that rises up to sting
The wounds and heal them all the same.

What greater beauty than the
Music of a changing place that never ages,
The tears of every memory to laugh
And weep at once upon the shores
Without a difference.

Tell me that tide is speaking
Just for you and I.
Tell me in the water what I hear
Is every time we ever laughed and cried
And tell me if you come here
And you listen to me walk the shore
That I will hear your voice again
And that it’s my name now
Upon the lips of every wave that breaks.

#Longbeach #Washington

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