I’ll light a candle every night you’re gone.
I’ll make a ritual of missing you
So that some semblance of what used to be
Is present in the flame before it burns away.
I’ll press a finger in the wax
To see an imprint that you gave to me
And watch it threatened slowly
As the hours cut it down.

I’ll leave it lit at night in case you come again.
I’ll stay up a while to hear your voice
Inside the threads of smoke that rise and fade.
But it’s so quiet and it burns so low,
The moon so faint behind the building clouds
That darkness fill the room,
And I can’t promise I won’t fall asleep.

And as I drift away I’ll see your shadow
Flash against the wall as flame consumes
A breath that might have been a prayer.
And perhaps I’ll never realize that
Still you give me light,
Perhaps I’ll never thank you
For imparting me the strength to blow
The candle out before I sleep so deeply
That I let it burn me down.

#london #UK

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