Spiders in the statuary,
And she walks alone among
Them preening thorns like
Retrices to let the blood
Embittered by their stings.

Webs amid the relics
Seizing hold to an
Illusion that the garden’s
Gates are open, that the
Flowers here are blooming
In the shade of dying stones.

Ravens in the olive trees,
Scavenging her idols
As they perish one by one,
Raindrops never shed
From clouds above that
Make a promise in their
Blackened hoods to
Slake the arid ground.

Adders on the soil,
Still beneath the simulacra
Waiting as she passes
To seduce and poison,
To convince her that tomorrow
Roses blossom,
That tomorrow when she wakes,
The vestige of a woman freed
No longer mocks her.

#vaticancity #italy

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