Forgive me for the faith I never had,
For the failings and the shortfalls and
The promises beneath a pretty word I’ve
Planted but that propagates no fruit.

Forgive me for the summer rains
And for the winters spent alone
In front of fires dying,
For a lingering suspicion in
The better days expected
And for wakeful nights
And mornings blind and mute
Beneath the sunrise while you sang.

Forgive me all the tears I’ve never cried.
Forgive me every trail of tears
That ran across your cheek to mark
Mistaken paths I took and all
The ones I haven’t.

Forgive me for the wilted flowers
And the want of shade,
For shadows not beside you
And for keepsakes brushed away.
Forgive me for tomorrows when
I won’t remember who you
Were the day before.

Forgive me for the laughter in your absence.
Forgive me every smile I ever made while you were gone.

Forgive that I’m the one who doesn’t have to be alone.

Forgive me all this time I haven’t tried to find you.
Perhaps I know right where you are but haven’t come.

Forgive me for the time I take from you,
For I feel the time I’m taking isn’t mine.

#paris #france

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