Distant voices lofty and deceiving,
Indistinct insinuations
Making reference to a language
Spoke through hazes of a verse evaporated.
Do you hear them anymore, these insolvent words of mine,
Traded for a breath to speak another sentence,
Lifted from a height my understanding can’t sustain
And so I gasp?
I linger at the edge afraid the depthless gap will take me.
I swallow the expanse between the ground and I
And in a misused phrase regurgitate the maxims of a city ruined.
Exhausted stanzas spent like borrowed money.
Bankrupt connotations out of reach,
Alluding to a stature long abated.
Just words alight on currents ringing falsely.
Just another letter written in a squandered tongue.
Just another verse precipitated from a cloud,
Deliberately obscured because the crux of words is always fogged.

#paris #france

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