The semblance of a permanent goodbye, the cracks that smile in petals of a wilted rose before they’re moldered into potpourri, the tide’s relaxing whisper soothing breakers as they punish stones for persevering.

Don’t let my eyes betray the fading faith I have that parting ways will sate your hunger for withdrawal.
Don’t judge these tears by trails they’ve left on weathered cheeks accustomed to your crying, for in the frail hairs they part are all the settled scores and setting suns of every day we spent, every moment bartered at the cost of incoherent severances and dubious farewells.

It’s just I’m always fooled by the numbers on the clock repeating, the stretch of days I see before me falling off the far horizon into no conclusion. And so like seasons, I assume your warmth someday will be revived. I rest on the contingency that somewhere in the snowfall is the friction indispensable to kindle flames and melt the ice, as if this time, like every other, goodbye will end tomorrow.

#rome #italy

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