I found a place beneath the trees where sunlight scatters through to lay mosaics on the grass, sews a patchwork warmth that quivers with the shifting leaves and hasn’t touched the earth until the moment when I look.
And part of me still looks for more.

I walked along a path where branches from the shade-trees spread their shadows as if fissures in the clay, where faults digress and vary with the drafts that course above them, and I’m not sure how I’ll land a step until I do and find I haven’t fallen.
But nonetheless I need a crutch.

I came across a point so silent well within a city’s howl, where gravel makes a metronome beneath my feet to keep a rhythm for the sun that slowly hums, where every sigh is musing and the clouds can hear my reverie despite the rasp and disaccord; a point where morning lingers in a kiss of dew that rolls across the fern but never falls, where breath is cool and skin is warm and shadows speak of places that I’ll rest; a point where I can justify the reckless quarrels and aimless squalls I know to be not far away, where far away is closer than I think and so I wander til I’m lost.
And hitherto another step I thought I’d never find the way again.

#melbourne #australia

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