How was I to know that this was all a long goodbye? How was I to see just by your smile that this was always evanescent, a fugitive embrace forever graceful as it slowly trailed away without my understanding?

How am I to thank you for the beauty when the pain remains so pure, when just the specter of your laugh reminds me this was never sound? How am I to hope that this eroded path will hold me for another step when only now I grasp that every step you took before me was a measure of collapse? How am I to stay and watch the falling sun behind these raindrops slipping into evening like a peaceful dissolution?

How was I to blame you for the darkness that beset?
How was I to know it hurt so sweetly all along?

How am I to cry when all the tears are tears of joy?
How am I to laugh again when the only joke I’m told is time?

#melbourne #australia

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