Clouds and rain

I have a history with clouds and rain, a common view with ashen skies who dress the ground in costume shadows to keep secrets of the greener grass, a handshake in the overcast above with dusky wishes, where barometric pressure tends to make a task of breathing and uneasy winds run overwrought. I’ve got rapport […]

Muddled thoughts

Left alone amid this vague cacophony Of rampent thoughts and disharmonic understandings Here to parse a riddle in a wire smiling In between the towers who’ve no room For casting shadows, To make some meaningful deduction In the trails of smoke that trace the specters Manifest in panes of mirrored glass, I believe I heard […]

Harper’s visit

Harper hung in cemeteries, where he rarely made a sound except the bending grass beneath his feet as he meandered between epitaphs. Each evening he would meet with ghosts who spoke to him from pearls of dew that perished in the dirt before he learnt their names. – April stayed out late as well but […]

Distant verse

I heard it sung in distichs stripped from winds where raven’s black is tinted, saturnine allusions to an angel’s invocation as she falls. I heard it in a verse above a sky without a star and in a voice as deep and shadowed as the tacit pleas of seconds chasing minutes in pursuit of where […]

Chance occurance

I had a thought occur, Just a brief encounter with a memory, or perhaps some speculation, a specter in the window of a building in periphery aware just barely of a presence in the single drop of rain from clouds above of the variety that thin and disappear before the liquid they precipitate can even […]

Tidal sun

Tell me that the tide misspoke. Tell me that it doesn’t know The name I thought I heard. Tell me as it overtakes the sand Beneath my feet that it’s not Conscious of the keepsakes buried there. – Bring me consolation in the Vagueness of its whisper. Let me wash away a burden In the […]

Coffee stains

Some find their solace in means and escapes. Some find escaping their means gives them solace enough– His wife had golden hair that framed her face with swollen coils on Sundays when she prayed at church. Her jewelry stole the flames from candles on the alter, sharpened it on diamond facets and cast it back […]