Spare me from resuscitation. I’m not equipped to take in air that threatens my encumbered view with erudition of a keener point, that stabs me into seeing with a deeper inhalation what it is that I evade by breathing shallow.

Just until the tide retreats, just until the moment when I break the surface and the air is pure as tears, just until I gasp the patent spectacle above the water let me suffocate beneath it, let me suffer the inanity below these passive swells where saline currents stray and warp my vision, let those simpler truths convince me that it’s calm before the shore exposes sunrise. For I’m not prepared to breathe just yet. I’m not prepared to see so clearly, and I’m not prepared to cede the puerile trust that what I see is not amiss.

Just let me drown beneath the placid waves where what’s above me barely makes a sound. Just let me keep on thinking that it’s quiet.

#melbourne #australia

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