Trust that what I steal from you is nothing consequential.
Trust I rightly am the perfect person that I claim.
Find in me a place to hope this isn’t accidental.
Find me in a place where all that’s permanent is pain.

Linger with me here and wait for breeches in my patience.
Linger in the echo of your voice suppressing screams.
Know with me the faces of our ghosts making acquaintance.
Know me with the face that smiles while poisoning the streams.

Baser crimes than mine have met with sympathetic victims.
Baser lies than these have passed as precepts of a faith.
Drown with me the better-dressed reflection of a dictum.
Drown me with a better past to passify my hate.

Die and be revived beneath the surface of a fountain.
Die and find a wish that what I take is not control.
Kill for me to justify the coins that I am counting.
Kill me, for the thieving of your faith is taking toll.

#rome #italy

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