Too many fissures
In the road to
Fill today, and
One too many
Shovel loads
Already on my back.

Too much rain
Or too much heat
To pour the
Concrete right.

Too many cables
Still to hang,
And too much
Amperage running through
For me to touch.

Too many switches
In the tracks to know
Which one to throw.

Too much traffic,
And the tires on this
Breaking car have
One too many tears
To patch.

Too many miles
Til I’m home.

Too many ways to turn;
Too little time
To check the map.
Too many people
Piling up behind me,
And the light is green.

Too many drivers
Telling me the way.

Too many cups of coffee,
And I’m still asleep.
Too little room along the
Shoulder for a rest.

#melbourne #australia

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