Sometimes I can laugh at the imposters.
Sometimes I take the gnashing teeth in stride.
Sometimes I let the venom in the wound
Inebriate me til the pain brings out
A sweeter taste of what they’ve putrified.

Somehow I find the bitter smiles relieving.
Somehow I feel at ease embraced by hate.
Somehow I breathe the plague and whisper back
Below the howling subtle glimpses of
A softer sickness to appreciate.

Somewhere I don’t suffer the pollution.
Somewhere I quench my thirst with foul rain.
Somewhere I linger patiently beneath
This broken sky to feel the lightning burn
Away the skin the acrid weather’s stained.

Someone I pretend to be is crying.
Someone I judged is innocently hanged.
Someone I thought was standing lies prostrate
Below the efigy they built and now
The fire spreads and burns the words they sang.

#amsterdam #nederlands

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