I find my truths behind a window frame atop a building much too high to climb. I’d like to buy them, but of course the vendor’s prices are too high as well, and so I rent them for a time and when I’m finished give them back.

I buy my reasoning from bins of costume jewelry sold by weight, plastic pearls and plated brass and polished bits of wisdom at judicious costs. The only catch is that the clerk keeps awful hours, and I should mention that the merchandise is moderately worn.

Now I can’t afford much certainty at these consumer rates, so I get it secondhand from swap meet traders toward the end of day before they take down shop. It tends to be a little tattered and not always rightly fit, but it’s often well-conditioned and somebody else has taken pains to break it in.

Lastly, there’s a place nearby that sells opinions for a song, a small and stuffy place between a patent lawyer and sewing shop. The owner living up above is very old and rarely working, and they’re on the honor system ordinarily, unless he’s feeling well. When he’s there he bargains hard for every penny that he gets, so I always check the upstairs window for a light before I stop and sing.

#melbourne #australia

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