I saw my image in an oil slick,
Heard my voice inside florescent bulbs
Humming caustic tunes
Above the exhalations of a propane furnace,
Eyes as blue as pilot lights
Always burning,
Never thirsty. Always drinking.

I felt my heartbeat rattling through
Mirror shards inside of dumpsters seeping
Waste on concrete floors that sealed
Over centuries of time,
Peered through windows granting perfect
Views of places I could never feel,
Eyes unshut and crystaline, but cheating nonetheless,
Writhing visions on a big screen bellowing
Non sequiturs through idle respirations
Thick like car exhaust,
Incessant noise pollution,
Poetry inscribed in the inflection of
Perspectives held like capital somewhere
Deeper in me than I’d like to know,
Investments in a future date that presently
Corrupted breaths care little to defend.

#melbourne #australia

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