So all those times I’d read your name inside of sunsets, those syllables adrift on heated currents shot through gaps between the leaves of trees and written out in front of me like longhand drawn on shadows; all those times when clouds erased the open sky and penned in lines of atmospheric dust I saw calligraphy that told me who you were, those iridescent phonemes spoken in the haze of moonlit green intoxicating city lights and drowning them beneath a phrase; all those epic letters printed in the constellations, spelling mythic dreams of you foretold by shades of twilight; all those red horizons frowning over countless mountains miles away and shrunken under weighted verses, poems of the sun reflecting ocean tides that sing of you below a sky so beautiful I’ve never seen; all those seconds of the golden hour condensed to script articulating symbols of your presence in the luminescent energies that halo cirrus clouds like whispers of an angel, streaks of gilded sky to pierce unfolding thunderheads and echo speaches spoken in your eyes; all those letters eloquently signed across the firmament in blue and white and black and crimson only marked the rainfall heard within my dream the morning that you left me while I slept and never said goodbye.

#travelwriter #wanderlust

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