It dawned on me this evening just how blind I really am, how awkwardly I grope for an assurance that beyond me all of this exists, this self-indulgent constellation manifest in feeble glints and understandings misdirected inside hues of sunsets that I’ve seen but cannot place.

It’s vividly apparent now, the undiscerning glance I’ve given, and I’m given to discerning disinclined elucidations of a wider scope and deeper breadth of vision than I’m furnished, an acumen distinct to sleepless ruminations duped by open eyes and conscious breaths.

So pardon me this once because it’s only just this instant that my knowledge is defunct, that I see the moonlight paint corrupted artifacts of truths I’ve manufactured in the light of day to show the range of oversight observed when seeing blinds me.

#stdenis #france

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