Find me in the drips beneath a finished canvas,
Where the pigments fall without intention
And the painter seldom looks.
Find me in the lead erased from sketches never done.

Find me in between the jewel and the crystal,
Where time remains ambiguous until
The cogs are meshed and springs released.
Find me in the silent span between the seconds.

Find me in the valleys of an ocean wave’s relent,
Where sinking water offers only curt relief,
And deeper lulls bring only larger swells.
Find me in the ripples made by rains that no one sees.

Find me in a memory beneath a thousand others,
Where overlapping lives are indistinct
And words are peeled away from context.
Find me in the breath of ghosts that visit during sleep,
Intangible reflections of a person in the mirror who
Just might be you but has a different blackness in their eyes.

#amsterdam #netherlands

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